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Waiting is OVER

Bounty Program is live

Token Allocation for Bounty Program (1 Month)


Rules :

  1. Your Video Channel should have at least 1000 subscriber.

  2. Video should be Public.

  3. Video should cover our bounty, ICO and Airdrop.

  4. Duration of video should be at least 3 min.

  5. We will decide how much EMN you will get for video. Differs based on quality.

Rewards :

  • Reward for video: 1000-8000 EMN.


Rules : 

  1. Your profile must be public.

  2. You must have at least 1000 subscribers.

  3. Account must be at least 3 months old.

  4. Custom tweets must include a message and the below hashtags will qualify. #EMN #Airdrop #Bounty #ICO

  5. You must be following our twitter.

  6. To be eligible for reward every participant must post 4 tweets every week.

  7. You should not delete comments and publications before the end of the bounty campaign.

  8. It is forbidden to use multi-accounts, bots-accounts, otherwise we will remove you from participating in the campaign.

Note: Maximum 50 people can join for Twitter Bounty.

Rewards :

  • Reward for tweet : 5000 EMN.

Article Campaign

Rules :

  1. Write a quality blog post or review about EMN or write informative article.

  2. Blog must be written in English.

  3. At least 500 words, must contain images and/or graphic contents.

  4. Blogs should have unique and original content, not just a copy-paste another blog. Partial Copy is allowed.

  5. You can publish on any popular web blog.

  6. The article must have public access, no private articles!

  7. Your blog post, must include at least 3 links: Our site address, Our ICO page, Our Social Links.

  8. Additional blogs may qualify depending on the content.

Rewards :

  • Reward for blog post/review/articles content quality: 2000-6000 EMN.

Facebook Share

Rules :

  1. Facebook Must be real and should have at least 500 friends.

  2. You can share about our news in facebook group (crypto related).

  3. Your post should contain links of our ICO page, and our social links with positive description.

  4. If your post gets much attention then you will get much reward.

  5. Post can’t be deleted and it should stay for couple of days.

Rewards :

  • Reward for facebook post differs: 250-1000 EMN.

Donation Campaign

Rules :

  1. You can donate to support our program.

  2. Minimum donation is 0.10 ETH

  3. Top 3 Donor of each week will get free coins.

  4. Every week we will give reward.

Rewards :

  • 1st Person will get 10000 EMN

  • 2nd person will get 5000 EMN

  • 3rd person will get 3000 EMN



  1. Usage of Google Translator is prohibited.

  2. Translations must be original, using any kind of tools such as Google are not allowed. If found theGoogle translator will be blacklisted.

  3. Translate our whitepaper or our bitcointalk page.

  4. If you translate our bitcointalk page.Then you must post in bitcointalk forum.

  5. Make the thread active and up to date. We don’t need dead thread.

  6. Give us the link.


  • bitcointalk page translation in the Forum: 2000 EMN

  • Forum Moderation: 20 EMN for the message in your topic

  • Whitepaper translation 4000 EMN


Rules :

  1. Make Promotional Banner and do some awesome graphics.

  2. Post or share in facebook/steem/twitter/your website

  3. Give us the link.

  4. Make animation if possible. Make some gifs.

Rewards :

  • We will check quality and give you reward: 500-3000 EMN.

We will select peoples & publish a list who will be eligible for bounty program

Select me for Bounty

Time to Submit WORK (only selected people should submit)